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Baobab Communication | Think and Do - Communication agency in Padua with the Think and Do method

agenzia di comunicazione padova

Communication. Integrated, multi-channel, targeted, strategic, online, and offline. Call it what you will.

If you are here, you need it.

We are a communication agency based in Padua and we do the things we think of, which is how we get straight to the point. We develop integrated strategies to make the communication of your product or business more effective.

We are a team of creatives, strategists, planners, illustrators, and analysts, capable of approaching each project with expertise, wisdom, curiosity and much more.


Creativity, of course. Passion, 100%. Expertise, bags of it.
But without method it goes nowhere.
In an industry such as ours, where every idea could (not must) become a new business, it is best to take one step at a time and stay focused on the objectives and final result.

They already chose us!

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Company tours and product videos: use the viewer, consult the info, offer unique and memorable content

di cambiamento,
in 20 anni
sempre insieme.

Avete notato il nostro nuovo payoff?
Si scrive TOGETHERE ma si pronuncia TOGETHER e per noi significa “stare insieme” ma anche qualcosa di più.
Vicinanza, unione, condivisione, inclusione: tutti concetti molto complessi, che abbiamo approfondito e sperimentato in questi primi 20 anni di “Think And Do”.

Ma anche TO GET THERE: lavorare per arrivare a una certa meta, guardare al futuro senza mai fermarsi, perché arrivati davvero non lo siamo mai, e se dopo 20 anni siamo qui, chissà tra altri 20! Non la pensi anche tu così?

Stop thinking, start doing.

Let's meet and talk about it, togethere.