and gets to see
the best of your company
now, in 30 minutes.

Someone puts on the
3D viewer in their office,
1,000 km away,

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Virtual reality: how can it be used?

These are just some of the applications of virtual reality projects.

Organise virtual tours in your company, especially when travel is impossible.
Show the potential and uses of your product or large-scale system.
Talk about the benefits of your service in an engaging and immersive way.


What are the advantages?

realta-virtuale-vantaggiYou save on employee travel costs.
realta-virtuale-vantaggiYou optimise time: a good tour only takes 30 minutes!
realta-virtuale-vantaggiMake yourself known with an innovative and memorable presentation.
realta-virtuale-vantaggiPromote your brand safely and securely with no social distancing issues.

Your virtual reality project in 1 month

Why should you rely on Baobab Communication for your virtual reality project? We don’t create a VR project ‘because it's the new trend’, we do VR because it helps you solidify your business interests.

It costs less than you think

Time and costs are optimised on the basis of a precise work process, starting from the approved project.

  • 1.

    Brief + analysis of objectives and brand identity
    (3 working days)

  • 2.

    Assessment of feasibility, environment, company peculiarities
    (10 working days)

  • 3.

    Drafting of strategic production plan
    (5 working days)

  • 4.

    Production of the virtual reality project
    (2 working days)

  • 5.

    Editing and delivery
    (10 working days)

  • 6.

    Follow up for updates

We are often asked:

What do I need to view the virtual reality project?

You need a specific pair of glasses to view multimedia content in three-dimensional mode. We can provide you with the right accessories and, if you like them, we can even brand them with your logo!

Company tour: will you film employees?

It depends on the company’s needs: we can plan virtual tours with or without the presence of staff.

When did virtual reality start?

It began in the 1960s, in a predominantly medical environment, but has found its best application in the business world, particularly in B2B. Thanks to the implementation of graphic renderings and 360-degree photos or videos, it recreates highly complex environments and machinery, solving important logistical problems and costs.