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Writing and posting: it takes so much more to create Content & Social Media!

You want your copy to talk about you, but do you know what tone-of-voice to use?

You need to find the right one for you.

It’s an issue that is as delicate as it is personal: the tone-of-voice projects the corporate image of a company and varies as the company grows and develops and changes with the teams and business.

This is why it is best defined by the professionals in a communications agency, such as copywriters and SEO copywriters.
It’s like looking in the mirror, only a little more fun.

Should we open a profile on [insert new social media]?

Maybe! Do you need to, and do you have the right content?

In a world where nearly 3 hours a day are spent on social networks, it is fair to ask: how can I intercept my audience on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, etc.?

But the real question is: what is the best way to do this?

Strategy, the right editorial plan, a consistent and constant tone-of-voice over time, management of the right social pages by an attentive social media manager, measurement of results and a willingness to get involved and make social platforms a field of discovery and experimentation: these are the right ingredients to start with.

We are here
to give you the answers

Even if we ask you a thousand questions later.


All to do, to tell, to share.

di cambiamento,
in 20 anni
sempre insieme.

Avete notato il nostro nuovo payoff?
Si scrive TOGETHERE ma si pronuncia TOGETHER e per noi significa “stare insieme” ma anche qualcosa di più.
Vicinanza, unione, condivisione, inclusione: tutti concetti molto complessi, che abbiamo approfondito e sperimentato in questi primi 20 anni di “Think And Do”.

Ma anche TO GET THERE: lavorare per arrivare a una certa meta, guardare al futuro senza mai fermarsi, perché arrivati davvero non lo siamo mai, e se dopo 20 anni siamo qui, chissà tra altri 20! Non la pensi anche tu così?

Stop thinking, start doing.

Let's meet and talk about it, togethere.

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