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Communication Agency:
Why do you need one?

The communication agency brings together a team of professionals who are there for you ‘when the going gets tough’: brand identity, strategies and communication plans are just some of the activities the marketing and communication agency are asked to handle, which then often trigger further activities.
It is, in fact, through the analysis of company assets, needs and objectives that you can gain the insight into all the long or short term communication activities you require.
And it’s why—so often—you need a communication agency.
To meet the expectations of our crucial and specialised role, our agency is made up of expert and versatile professionals.

In the interests of clear communication, allow us to introduce ourselves! It’s a pleasure to meet you.

The communication agency
in Padua
that uses the
Think and Do method

Are all marketing agencies the same? Happily, no.
Baobab Communication is a marketing and communication agency that combines creativity, data analysis and strategy with the Think and Do method.

The communication agency
in Padua
What does this mean?

What does this mean? You come to us with a few strategic, real, measurable objectives and an idea—even an unconventional one—for implementation. We study it and then make it happen, together.
It may seem simple, but we assure you that it is not: 19 years in the business means we have tried and tested experience and are confident of our actions. It takes an analysis of needs, desires and objectives to create and implement that best strategies and operation methods.

The communication agency
in Padua
Is it digital only?

Hang on, what if I ‘only’ need a digital agency?

We also ‘only’ do ‘just that’.
As you will be well aware, the online presence of a company or a product or service goes beyond the creation of a website or a landing page, and even beyond the microcosm of social media. Omnichannel communication is here to stay, and the digital agency has the right set-up to take care of every medium and nuance of a brand’s online actions, to ensure that they optimise and enhance each other.

Let’s stop talking and
get down to business.
Discover the Think and Do method

Communication and web services:
what could they do for you?

Scientific studies show very often a company will start working with a communication agency for projects related to brand identity and graphics: would you agree?

Many of Baobab Communication’s clients contact us to create a brand identity project or for a graphic restyling of one or more of their tools for brand communication, such as a brochure or a catalogue.

Frequently, follow-up requests arise for the creation of websites or social media marketing for one or more platforms, especially in ‘hot’ moments of corporate communication, such as those preceding the launch of a new product or service or the launch of a new corporate brand. Then what about the SEO and Google Ads campaigns? These are the most natural and essential steps to optimise any investment made in digital communication and to ensure traffic.

Do you desire consistency across the board? When you’re searching for a partner for event organisation, naturally your thoughts turn to the same communication agency that has handled part of your previous projects and knows your brand’s tone-of-voice and how to best communicate the company’s assets.
Do you need some examples?
Take a look at our Case Studies.

di cambiamento,
in 20 anni
sempre insieme.

Avete notato il nostro nuovo payoff?
Si scrive TOGETHERE ma si pronuncia TOGETHER e per noi significa “stare insieme” ma anche qualcosa di più.
Vicinanza, unione, condivisione, inclusione: tutti concetti molto complessi, che abbiamo approfondito e sperimentato in questi primi 20 anni di “Think And Do”.

Ma anche TO GET THERE: lavorare per arrivare a una certa meta, guardare al futuro senza mai fermarsi, perché arrivati davvero non lo siamo mai, e se dopo 20 anni siamo qui, chissà tra altri 20! Non la pensi anche tu così?

Stop thinking, start doing.

Let's meet and talk about it.