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We organize custom events that turn into unique, memorable moments thanks to the right mix of creativity and wonder.

Event planning.

We come up with creative solutions to thrill and entertain your audience, in a moment of direct contact.

01 goal setting

We understand the needs of your business, which is why we align each event with your goals: from getting new contacts to creating a loyal client base.

02 themes

We craft the creative theme that will be the foundation of the event, to reinforce your brand’s identity and to transport your guests to a magic atmosphere where no detail has been left to chance.

01 budget management

We always keep your budget in mind, which is key to choosing the location and type of event.

02 Supplier coordination

We manage supplier relationships autonomously to optimize and streamline the different planning stages.

03 Artists coordination

We select the artists and other talent that will perform at your event, even scheduling and fine tuning the programme.

04 PR

We provide public relations services to inform your target audience about the event, defining the terms and methods that are best suited to promoting your special occasion.


We coordinate relationships with different partners, thereby simplifying the various planning phases.


We come up with the look, decorations and furnishings, creating the perfect atmosphere for the event.

01 lighting

We choose the ‘how and where’ of the lighting, to add that little something extra to the event.

02 installations

We prepare the fittings and accents, making the space homogeneous down to every last detail, a dramatic frame in which people can come together.

03 sound design

We’ll think of the most suitable soundtrack for the event, thereby facilitating discussions between different participants and making the atmosphere even more magical.


We’ve gathered a selection of our projects to show you the power of the marketing strategies we create for our clients.