Every day, each of us brings our unique contribution to every project.
How do we do it?
We are inspired by things that happen to us, that we are passionate about, that make us want to study and learn every day.

Marco baobab-strategia


  • Biography
  • Doctor of Law, specialised in mapping processes, analysis of issues inherent in IT law, business processes and organisational structure. Extensive knowledge of GDPR-compliant privacy systems and management of contracts to protect the rights of data subjects.
Elisa Z baobab-brand-identity


  • Biography
  • Marketing expert, account manager, creative all-rounder but also a lover of yoga and being in contact with nature. She has an in-depth knowledge of business dynamics and brand identity and always knows how to give the right boost and motivation just when its needed. Right now? ‘If you’re not aware of the subtilties of your own character, you will never know how to be truly original’.”
Nicola baobab-graphic-design


  • Biography
  • Art director and expert in developing strategies to create brand identity and recognition. He has been working in the world of communication and marketing for over 25 years, developing an increasingly profound understanding for the definition of media and messages and applying his passions to his work: drawing, directing, and painting.
Lara baobab-eventi


  • Biography
  • Administration and order management, but that’s not all: a tireless logistician, the messenger of memos and she makes sure the supply of coffee never runs out. And it’s all done with the most charming smile!
Cinzia baobab-CopySocial


  • Biography
  • Fascinated by the power words have to bring ideas to life, she studies communication to understand and help those who have something to say, or a story to tell. Copywriter and Social Media Strategist, she is always connected, not just in search of the trendiest social media but more for the discovery of the complex and social dynamics of the communities.
Elisa baobab-VideoFotografia


  • Biography
  • A graduate of SID (Scuola Italiana Design [Italian Design School]), she is an expert in digital visual design, and still life and event photography. She is always looking for fresh solutions because she loves freedom: the freedom to be constantly multifaceted, creative, constantly updated and to discover new things to experiment with every day.
Massimiliano baobab-WebSeo


  • Biography
  • Tecnico della gestione aziendale, è la relazione con clienti e fornitori che appassiona davvero Massimiliano, primo contatto tra cliente e agenzia. Empatico e capace di ascoltare per davvero, sempre educato e cortese, Max ha inoltre una grande passione per il calcio e per tutto ciò che è inglese.