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Client: THE NEW RENAISSANCE – Real estate investment
Project name: Reborn at the trade fair


The owner of large plots of land in the Ukraine contacted us with a very precise goal: to plan a marketing campaign that would convince real estate investors to purchase his lots. As a target market, investors are never an easy audience to interface with. You must use technical, professional language, but they must also be engaged through a balanced mix of creativity and pragmatism

This is why we decided to promote a theme that would be the common thread for all the activities implemented for MIPIM in Cannes: a new Renaissance. This topic seemed in-line with the central core of the projects, i.e. the redevelopment of industrial areas for new uses.
It was, in fact, a matter of making the idea tangible, presenting the new ‘Renaissance’ of the land of the future, meeting the needs of a rise in demand for residential property.
The marketing materials designed for the client were aimed at highlighting the long-term vision, insight and bold acumen of the investors who would choose to undertake this type of project.
We focused on drawing parallels between Renaissance nobles and modern investors: both are the promoters of cultural and, most importantly, economic renewal. That comparison allowed us to satisfy two different objectives: On the one hand, it highlighted the importance of seizing the indicators of a new Renaissance today, to be the first to benefit from the future prosperity of the projects. On the other hand, investors were given a prominent role, as the marketing materials highlighted their intelligence, evaluation skills and professional abilities.
To make that concept tangible, we created the company profile book while drawing inspiration (both for the copy and the visual design) from Renaissance art: its shapes and lines were the perfect pattern for the cover.
On the inside of the booklet, the logo was enriched by details and photos that recall the sixteenth century: a woman dressed in period clothing was the embodiment of the new project.
Offline advertising was also used to reinforce the visual coherence of all the materials. The selected style was even maintained while designing the look of the stand. In fact, the space was rearranged so as to recreate the atmosphere of an Italian-style living room, with the goal of making the conversation welcoming and comfortable.
To make people feel even more at ease in the space, a banquet with traditional Italian food products was also set up. The cohesion of the stimuli and the synergy created by all these tools made it possible to immerse potential investors within an atmosphere defined by Italian taste, enhanced by the richness and elegance that defined the Italian Renaissance.
These offline activities were associated with online marketing. To that end, we designed and built a website containing all the technical information relating to the investment projects. On the website, we even implemented sponsorship campaigns through Google AdWords.
Through our marketing efforts, the perceived value of the projects was enhanced, fusing it with the attributes that have made Italian art and culture famous around the globe. It is the idea of rebirth that has brought new light and allure to these real estate projects, perfectly synthesizing the concepts behind them.


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