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Project name: The perfect formula


For over 35 years, EuroColori S.R.L. has been the point of reference for tinting systems and colorimetry applied to architectural surfaces. It's an industry leader in the development of software dedicated to tinting systems. Below is a recap of all the activities that we have carried out as the company's marketing partner.

Our project for EuroColori S.R.L. arose from the company’s desire to infuse more strength and energy into the brand’s identity.
This necessity led us to create a strategy aimed at modifying the perceptions of its target consumers, ensuring the company a new positioning in-line with its defining qualities.
This all was done to make it possible for EuroColori S.R.L. to host a stand at the European Coatings event in Nuremberg in a newer, more enticing guise.

So, we set to work on its corporate identity, creating the tagline ‘The colour experience’, which embodies the company’s essence.
That was used as the starting point for crafting the new company profile, a fundamental tool that would convey the evolution of the brand. The copy was developed starting from the idea of the perfect formula, i.e. EuroColori S.R.L.’s essential, unique capacity to create a custom product for every request, perfect in its composition.
To create the company profile, we also organized a photo shoot to present the faces behind the brand to the general public and to let the team’s skills shine through.

The stand at European Coatings was set up to create an environment that would let visitors see the vibrant energy that moves the company. The walls were thus decorated in a way that talked about the product and the brand in particular, to inform but also pique the interest of the participants at the trade show.

The company colours were easily recognizable as strengths. In fact, the professionalism and innovation that define EuroColori S.R.L. were translated into a modern logo that adheres perfectly to its new corporate identity.


We’ll craft your company profile, turning its text into a printed presentation tool through which your customers can hold the strengths and guiding values of your business in their own hands.


We’ll prepare the furnishings necessary to make our creative idea reality, so that all visitors will immediately and easily get a sense of your corporate identity.