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Client: EJOT S.r.l.
Project name: The only solution you’ll ever need


EJOT S.r.l. is the Italian division of the German group EJOT, a leader in fixing and fastening solutions. The company specializes in fixing technology designed to adapt to both industry and construction. Below is a summary of all the activities that we have carried out as the company's marketing partner.

As the Italian division of a German multinational company, EJOT S.r.l. began collaborating with Baobab Communication in order to define, with greater independence, the distinctive features of its corporate identity. This would allow EJOT S.r.l. to obtain greater independence with respect to its parent company and a more focused, unique brand identity, all without losing the international breadth of the EJOT group.

During the first year of collaboration, Baobab Communication focused its activities on the main goal. This period of time was necessary to get to know each other in a deeper and more professional way, in order to be able to present the distinctive features of the Italian branch in the right light.

Our initial collaboration gave rise to the first corporate video, which demonstrates how our ties went beyond the classic client-agency rapport to increasingly become a solid, constant and trust-based relationship. Focused on the company slogan ‘The only solution you’ll ever need’ it was the story crafted by Baobab Communication for EJOT Italy 2018.

Having thus reached the objective of representing the company with a particular emphasis on the Italian part, we continued to focus on the EJOT brand identity in 2019 too, supporting the client in the creation of offline marketing tools designed for in-house and external communications: from corporate roller banners, to brochures for sales agents, to the creation of a new print advertising campaign, which was published in 2019.

In addition to its offline marketing, Baobab Communication set to work on the management of the company’s online channels, with particular attention being paid to Facebook and LinkedIn.
For these two social media platforms, we planned a strategy aimed at raising awareness about the brand and gaining EJOT Italy followers, be they employees or clients. Special, touching videos were particularly effective in conveying the plus sides of the brand’s important products.

2019 was an important year for EJOT Italy, which, along with Baobab Communication, chose to launch a special project designed to connect the professional world and universities.

That gave rise to Teste in Progress, a client-agency collaboration designed to facilitate the hiring of students for traineeships and other work preparation activities, and to show the academic world how an EJOT project comes to be. The initiative was promoted through a dedicated mini-site and special offline flyers and posters, in addition to a video.

In 2020, Baobab Communication has been working along with EJOT Italy both on online communications and to organize a large event that will take place in the near future. As it will involve participation in the Guinness Book of World Records, with one of the latest EJOT projects, it surely will get a lot of people talking! The event is destined primarily for employees and collaborators, with the goal of celebrating the company’s latest achievements and marking its latest step towards the future.


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