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Client: AMA CRAI EST – Mass retail logistics
Project Name: Passion isn’t taught, it’s delivered


AMA CRAI Est is the logistics division of the Crai Group in north-east Italy. The company is responsible for managing suppliers and organizing the various flows of merchandise from the logistics centre to the individual points of sale. Below is a recap of all the activities that we have carried out as the company's marketing partner.

AMA Crai Est came to us with the need to develop strategies and activities that would convey its corporate values and also involve its members and customers. The goal was in fact to embody the sense of cohesion that takes the shape of vibrant energy within the group.
The company’s constant support and proud professionalism was translated into the tagline ‘Passion isn’t taught, it’s delivered’, embodying the common thread of the entire set of events and materials organized for AMA Crai Est. In addition, it was used as the concept behind the creation of a poignant video, one that touched upon all the successful steps the company has taken, to convey its profound authenticity. To involve partners and clients in the best way possible, we created a specific strategic line for each target.

We then came up with a contest, asking customers to share the plate that most awakened sweet memories, the recipe that was dearest to them, and a dish that still embodies the flavours (and atmosphere) of the past. The different pictures and recipes were then collected in an agenda that could be picked up in the different points of sale. The goal was to allow all customers explore the traditions of the different families and let them experience the aromas of home once again through old family recipes.

For the members of AMA Crai Est, on the other hand, we planned an event at the Palazzo del Casinò, on the shores of the Venice Lido. It took over six months to define and confirm each detail of the day: from the management of transportation for guests to the decoration of the rooms, from the selection of international artists to the preparation of party favours and swag.
We wanted to be sure that every last detail was perfect, which is why we planned each minute of the day in a schedule of workshops, art intermissions, conferences and flash mobs: guests had to feel involved, but they also had to be wowed. Video selfies of the associates were projected in the main hall, making the cohesion within the group even more concrete.

In addition, we arranged for spectacular entertainment at dinner, complete with lights and dancing, to create a truly magical atmosphere.
The event then concluded to the sounds of the Choir of La Fenice, the perfect way to say goodbye to the evening.

01 events

We’ll think of the most suitable soundtrack for the event, thereby facilitating discussions between different participants and making the atmosphere even more magical.

02 visual identity

We provide you with the graphic design and multimedia tools to effectively convey your mission and vision, thereby making your ambition and determination tangible.

03 contest

We help you organize contests that will engage your clientele, increasing the number of return customers and clients.

04 videos

We create tools to engage and even thrill your audience by telling your story, a story so unique everyone will immediately grasp what makes your company special.

05 spot radio

We identify the messages to transmit on the radio to quickly reach a broad, varied audience.