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Client: ABS FOOD S.R.L.
Project name: : The evolution of a brand


ABS Food has sold high-quality ingredients since 1995. The company guarantees the excellent quality of the products it sells, carefully selecting the partners that it collaborates with to offer maximum transparency throughout the entire distribution chain.

A strong but perhaps too cumbersome past is what inspired ABS Food to reach out to us. For its 30th anniversary, the company wanted to updates its image. So, after an initial consultation, we defined the key points of a marketing plan, the objective of which was to redesign the brand identity.

Overhauling the important, historical brand involved working towards cleaner lines and more geometric shapes to create a more modern image, all without altering the elements that have come to identify the company. The restyling then led to other activities to help renew the corporate identity, such as the installation of glass decals in the main offices, the drafting of an engaging story for the company profile and a product brochure.

To complete the new corporate image, we also organized an event to let clients and stakeholders in ABS Food know about its new look: every detail of the location, from the centrepieces to the gifts given to guests was in-line with the essence of the company.
All guests were transported to an atmosphere celebrating the success reached over 30 years in business, leaving them in awe of the radiant new look of ABS Food. In 2018, we worked with the company on a new, interesting project: the launch of the Naturfeed brand, designed to present the products of the pet food line.

We created a unique, distinctive logo for the new brand and, at the same time, we also added a symbol that would act as a link with the parent company. In so doing, we made sure that new customers would transfer their positive perception of the ABS Food brand to the new brand, without however impacting its independence and individual identity.

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