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Put Your Face Out There: A Deeper Look into Our Anti-Violence Advertising Campaign


From Italy to America, our anti-violence campaign has been growing and gaining more support. The campaign began as a way for Baobab Communication to draw support and shine a light onto the serious problem Italy is facing. Now the campaign has been introduced in the United States, who faces similar issues. Together we hope to raise awareness and stop the needless violence seen around the world.

The Problem: Violence in Italy

It all started with a problem: a growth in needless violence in cities all over Italy. It seemed that more and more people were being violently and excessively assaulted without much warning. This was exactly what happened to Willy Monteiro Duarte, a 21 year old boy who was horribly killed on the street in Colleferro, Italy. According to La Repubblica, Willy was excessively beaten by four thugs for trying to diffuse a fight he witness between the men and an old friend of his. Those who witness the attack were terrified and disgusted by the cruelty of the abusers and described them as animals rather than humans. Unfortunately, young Willy is not the only one who has been a victim of such violent acts.

The Start of the Advertising Campaign

It is because of Willy’s story and that of others like him that people realized just how serious the problem was and how desperately we needed a solution. That is how Baobab Communication came up with the idea of their advertising campaign. The main idea behind that campaign is to show people how anyone can become the next victim of violence and therefore it is important for people to think before they act. Baobab succeeds in delivering this message by having the main focal point of the ad be a picture of Baobab’s own employees and other everyday citizens seen with bruises all over their face and bodies. This powerful picture along with the captions “What if I’m the next person who can’t breathe?” and “if you use your head, you don’t use your hands” truly makes the message more personable and ensures it gets through to the audience.

Introduction to the United States

However, Italy is not the only country seeing a spike in violence. This seems to be a trend that is happening in many countries around the world. The United States is not only one of these countries but according to The Peace Alliance the U.S. is leading all other industrialized countries in the number of youth homicide rates by over 10%. Because of these high numbers it becomes even more important for those living in the United States to not only realize there is a problem but to also begin to take action to solve the problem.
This is where Baobab’s antiviolence advertising campaign comes into play. This campaign provides a way for Americans to also take action and support a more peaceful, loving world.

Why Should I Care?

Think about it, hasn’t there been a time when you were picked on in some way. It could have been a bully in school, some horrible social media comments, a rude comment made by a coworker, stranger passing by, or a partner. They made fun of the way you look, act, or the things you like and do. Perhaps there were times when you didn’t even do anything to someone and they still were horribly mean to you and treated you like trash for no reason. Think about the pain you felt because of these incidents. Now think about how much worse it would be if these people took it even further and physically abused you. What if this happened to someone you loved and cared about? For many people this is a reality. They are constantly abused in some way and treated violently because of things they cannot control or for having the courage to be themselves. Will you let this kind of cruel treatment continue or will you take steps towards solving the problem and bring more tolerance and peace into the world?

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Brionna is a student from Notre Dame College (South Euclid, Ohio). She is studying International Business Major and she is working on the Baobab Communication campaign during an internship program.